1 hour

Sitting at the canteen with a cup of soy milk. Allll byyyy myselffffff~ Which is pretty ok. And honestly comfortable. I will probably be talking about my life if I see people I know… Which isn’t too bad I suppose but there is always some comfort (and inherent need) for some downtime.

Actually I used to think this is how uni life would be. I half expected to be going around alone. Perhaps it’s because that’s how other faculties work and you meet new faces often and it’s not like I’m the kind who forges friendships easily.

This is very strange cos the following is essentially what I will talk to people about anyway, but perhaps a more condensed version.

Week 2 of Emed flew by and cool stuff I saw this week… not that much. Herpangina? Haha was bombarded by 4 cancer patients one after another last night. But none were critically ill. Thankfully. But it also highlights how onco is an emerging aspect of medicine especially since people are living longer, as pointed out by another doctor.

Some funny stuff
MO: they are treating her expectantly…
Senior doctor: What is expectant treatment? Expect them to die is it?
(Sadly that’s true…)

*reading some old notes*
“Patient had a sudden explosion of disease…”
(The MO and I almost fell off the chair)


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