Growing up/old

Found an old face mask in the fridge… so here I am using an expired face mask smelling like royal honey while watching a Korean crime thriller.

I really should take better care of myself. I guess being grown-up also means being about to take care of oneself… before taking care of others and taking on other responsibilities.


  • Run tomorrow
  • Start sleeping and waking up at proper times.

On a side note, fixed some stuff at home and feeling happy that it turned out decent and secure!

We have this fengshui furniture that is supposed to bring in wealth because of crystal + running water + the right direction. I find it quite amusing cos we’re still staying in a HDB flat haha. But not complaining about that.

Anyway it’s hazardous cos it is near the powerpoint. Planted a “safety box” for it (and us). Prior to this was a flimsy plastic box… and that was preceded by a plastic bag. Hahahah how we are still alive is really, 谢天谢地.


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