Looking back


This is turning into an obsession. o_o

In other news, this is my official last break for M4. Well, the rest of my electives aren’t that crazy packed so it’s fine I suppose. Chose not to go for a holiday this time although my brother and mother will be going to Seoul next week. First of all, dates don’t match la.

And also… Maybe it is because of the way I spent my holidays since young, I never had a very strong sense of wanderlust and need to getaway to feel good. I understand that it is nice to go out of Singapore. But it was never a necessity for me over the years and so it never comes as one of the first few ideas when holidays loom. It didn’t really seem like my friends travelled alot either. Many of my closer friends would spend the longer holidays in Malaysia…. for I can’t remember what reason.

I think I only started travelling alot more when I entered Uni. Thinking back, these are the few trips that I can remember –

K2/P1: Sunway Lagoon at Malaysia. This was the last overseas holiday where my whole family went?? Ok la I’m pretty sure we went to other places together before, with my late grandmother. But I have no recollection of those and it’s purely based on the photo stash. Anyway I remember taking a coach for this trip and it wasn’t a tour group thing I think because we could do everything ourselves? Then again, the whole trip was spent at the lagoon la. But it was quite fun! 🙂 I remember the wide spread of morning buffet… and me being very senseless and unable to appreciate the variety of food then… I also remember splashing around topless hahahahha because no one brought swimwear for me. And I was still a kid so it’s ok. I also remember nibbling on this rice cracker snack thing (I never knew what it’s called; it comes in many colours and is circular and flat) on the way back. That was somehow a happy memory for me.

P6: Guangzhou. It was a lot more like accompanying my parents as they do their business stuff with the factory there. I have very little recollection for this trip. I know it was post-PSLE and everyone was in school playing UNO and Murderer for that period of time. Then my parents decided it was ok to bring me out of the country since I’m just playing in school anyway. Actually not supposed to do that la it’s like self-imposed LOA hahaha but the school was not that strict on stuff like that back then. I recall being excited because it was the only long(er) haul trip I had since I started having a conscious memory. I also remember a very long period of constipation and getting a green jacket with my dad. Most of the time was spent at the factory where my parents would settle their business stuff… and I’ll fall asleep reading comics there.

Sec 3: HK-Shenzhen. I went with my parents and 2nd brother for this trip. This was with a tour group. Most memorable part HK Disneyland! I can’t remember much about the rides… but I do remember that that was where I had my first rollercoaster ride! And it was in the dark. I suppose it’s not very scary hahah but I still avoid rollercoaster rides now. But then there were also horrible fellow tourists in the tour group who fight for food that everyone is supposed to share. Then there is the usual tourist traps like TCM stores, jewellery stores, random phototaking sessions with monuments that are not so significant to us actually…

M2: Sydney with my mum and 2nd brother.

M3: Jakarta, Lombok. Taipei, Hualien.

The later 2 trips I guess I sort of blogged about before and I’m too lazy to recount them. So in short, i’m comfortable with not travelling and sometimes it just seems difficult to explain when people give me an incredulous look and tone when they realise I’m not travelling. Ya I’m not travelling la, what’s the deal?

Hahaha was trying to find photos for the previous trips and ended up looking through my old photos. I guess I was never the cute cute pretty baby girl. And I never smiled alot in photos?


Thumb-sucking occupied a large part of my childhood I must say. How do people wean it off so easily?!?!?


At times I can look normal. 🙂 Hahahahaha and my hair was like a helmet also… it’s quite cute.


Then the camera man decides I need an Au Naturale shot.


And there’s always sibling rivalry, circa 2000, since time immemorial and till infinity and beyond. I was also very annoyed that my mum made me wear something so sexy. It was bareback!!! Ok la but looking back the skirt seems really pretty. 🙂


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