Sunday best

I don’t know what they are singing about but I looped the song a lot when I was studying for Pros earlier this year hahah. Occasionally I still play it during the morning commute.

Anyway, you know how listening/watching other people’s love stories can make your heart swell? Yep, totally feeling that way after reading about people’s love lives on Dayre this morning. Hahahaha what a lovely Sunday morning.

On a side note, I’ve removed the remaining wisdom teeth yesterday. That included the remaining fragment from the previous surgery as well. The bleeding stopped way earlier than the previous surgery. Well, the surgery this time was also much shorter so I suppose it was simpler and less damage was done. My jaw is surprisingly more mobile and less swollen. I remember previously, on the second day, I could still barely open my mouth to eat and was mostly shoving food into my mouth instead of using all the mastication muscles. This already feels like Day 3 or 4 instead of Day 2.

I woke up early today too. 7.30am. Applause please. But actually it’s ok la considering I slept at 10.30pm yesterday. So even after doing all my random websurfing it’s not even noon time yet. 🙂 Decided it’s about time to go back and read about Neuro stuff. At a leisurely pace. I’m learning because I want to learn. Ya ya and pass exams la, but it’s electives afterall.


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