Korean dramas

I don’t claim to be a Korean drama fan because sometimes, I really don’t like the shows too haha. And usually when I do watch, I watch the more hyped up shows involving good looking characters and love triangle and tragic plots. I seldom look for family dramas to watch. I watch them cos Channel U shows them at the 7pm prime slots. And these are the few that I really like and would recommend!

What Happens To My Family


Super funny show which didn’t fail to tug at my heartstrings at the same time.

Rosy Lovers


I finished this just recently and I’m slightly ahead of what is airing locally now. It’s super drama la haha. Like the events can be true but I don’t think in real life these events will be so interlinked among 3 families. It has a fair amount of humour too. Almost episode has me automatically reaching for the ‘Next episode’ button.


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