I decided that electives period should either be productive or happily spent doing something else. If I am not productive (like now), I should be doing something that makes me happy. And of course, vice versa. So hey there.

Today the most productive thing I have done was eating the free buffet lunch at the hospital. Sadly the day started out on the wrong foot in the first place so I was feeling pretty meh about the rest of the day. Morning teaching was cancelled without prior notice so almost everyone reached the hospital at 7am for nothing. Then rounds, which was as usual, not that eventful.

Unlike my previous gastro elective, neuro rounds are longer and the doctor didn’t teach as much along the way. And there is less morning coffee breaks too. Oh well. Reached the buffet place early in the end lol. That’s the achievement of the day already. Hopped around to see cases but my physical examination skills are seriously cui ++ so I wasn’t confident of my findings. Felt even more meh.

Dropped by Serangoon to see if the dress I saw online was there so that I can check out the length and cutting etc. But nooo it wasn’t there. Most of the dresses were the older in-stocks. I guess I should just take a leap of faith and trust their measurements. And seeing that the new arrivals are out of stock so quickly, I suppose… it’s reliable la.

Anyway, the electives have given me much time to ponder about the future. Also read this resident’s blog and yeah… life can be very very tough. My primary life goals are: 1) get enough sleep 2) get to sit on the MRT 3) not wake up feeling dread. I just wonder how much further these goals will be when the going gets tough, and whether the ‘tough’ in me will get going. I haven’t even thought about family life and kids and basically having a life… and consider how important I might view them. I can see why being a GP and/or eventually going into private practice is like the light at the end of the tunnel. I just wonder if I will ever look back in life and wished I done more/less in my youth.

On a side note, should I go for a hike this weekend anyway? And should i cut my hair?


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