I think I would have died if not for the 2 movement disorders tutorials today. Lol I tend to find Indian neurologists awe-inspiring haha. Maybe it’s just coincidental.

Anyway I’m annoyed with myself for being so nua for so long in this posting. I feel like it perpetuates whenever I get frustrated with the content. Then it snowballs… Neuro can really be frustrating. It makes you super annoyed when you can’t figure something out.

But when you get something or secretly have been thinking of the answer all along you feel like you struck lottery. If only my brain works like some automatic program…

I now see the appeal of doing elective alone/ with maybe 1 good partner. Doing it alone is pretty self-explanatory except you will not get as many tutorials targetted at your level. Doing with one friend is probably a good way to revise if both have similar learning methods and I think it’s more intuitive that each person takes turns to assess the patient. And I like to follow patients all the way through or at least till they are pretty stable/ the cause is found/ no new issues etc, but I guess everyone’s modus operandi is different.

Ok la I just wish I have been improving by leaps and bounds but no…. there’s no one magical tutorial for stuff like that. Need to see more, need to read more. Go steph, go!


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