That was an awfully short hiatus. I thought maybe if I don’t write, I won’t think, and therefore I will feel more at ease. But truth be told, there’s no way to clear your thoughts except to think through them, and to think, is to write. For me at least. And it’s so therapeutic to type sometimes…

So this strange unease has been hovering around for quite a bit. I can’t pinpoint what it is. My life isn’t that bad. Or there is something that is lacking and I subconsciously know but don’t want to admit? Or what. I don’t know. I’ve been meaning to find the right quote or song to put my thoughts in place. But meh, not really working.

I tend to think that such feelings that occur endogenously are undesirable. Like endogenous depression is bad so yeah you get it right. I prefer to look for a trigger. Or maybe I should just CBT myself and schedule some activities.

Maybe it’s just hormonal.

On a side note, I’m trying to change my hair parting and that might actually make me happier I think.

Neuro has been alright. The neuro-phobia is still there sometimes. I do think that this elective will be a good revision. I find the cases quite interesting. Like I’ve already met 3 GBS patients, 1 of whom had Miller Fischer which is supposed to be really rare. 2 bilateral CN7 palsies, 1 was the GBS patient and the other had bilateral Bell’s palsy. 1 CPA syndrome who will be perfect for exams. 1 bilateral ptosis patient who turned out to have really bad senile ptosis in the end… I also met a patient with neuromyelitis optica and she taught + tested us when we took history. A few CN palsies here and there too.

It’s super funny how some patients are so used to being examined, the moment you ask them to raise their arm/legs, they proceed to the finger-nose test/heel-shin test. I’m forever in debt to the patients who have taught me and reinforced my knowledge.


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