Fruit of my labour

The sleeve took much longer than expected to complete but it’s done! Had to make quite alot of corrections cos I didnt give too much leeway to the overall thickness after flipping the whole thing inside out. Hope it will fit well.


Before adding the final top stitch on the triangle flap. And redid the rubber band part a few times cos I couldn’t visualize how it should be before flipping it out. Was quite worried that the fabric will become too cui with so much stitching and removing and re-stitching.


The inside. The beauty is that it’s reversible!! So I really tried to hide all the ends of the stitches. I even did a subcutaneous suture for the open end so that it looks better lol. I thought it’ll be nicer to have a continuous line for the dark blue part and broken line for the patterned part. Haven’t tried to reverse the sleeve though! Didn’t want to iron it again… hopefully it’ll be as neat as this.


Added the button! Haha cute la but the button holes were lop-sided so it was mildly annoying. Maybe I should have gotten the bigger cat with more symmetrical button holes but of course more expensive too.


Yay done. This project really took a while… plus the horrible haze destroying my health and making me nua around so much this break… leaves me with not much break afterall. Time to pick myself up and revise some neuro before neuro elective next week!


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