Starting to feel a little out of sorts. Fortunately/unfortunately (depending on how you see it) it’s the holidays for me. Feeling under the weather is really a mood dampener though. Speaking of weather, I don’t think I’m the only one who feels the slight rise in PSI.

This elective period is pure local cos even my 2 weeks break is going to be in Singapore. Feeling a little meh about it, but on second thought it will make the next trip all the more exciting and worth looking forward to. Plus I will have my wisdom teeth and (hopefully) all the fillings done by the time M5 starts, so yay all the horrible procrastination will come to an end! All thanks to my mother who forced me to make appointments. Like, prompto, when I’m on her car and nua-ing on the way home from the 1st dental visit.

Hopped by Chinatown 3 times on Saturday and Monday to buy materials needed to make a laptop sleeve, as requested by C. Once was a detour cos I realised I didn’t have enough material when I was calculating on the train. Find it quite a pity cos his laptop is small so the fat quarters are not going to maximized… as compared to the usual 13 or 14 inch laptops. I think I can make something extra out of the leftovers!

The trip to Sing Mui Heng was pretty awesome. I almost went back to my primary 1 days when I just splurge on cute useless stuff in the bookshop. But the thrill of browsing shelves of bead and buttons and fat quarters is… thrilling. Pink monkeys and cute wooden cat buttons omg…

Was approached by A too but this person refused to pay for the raw materials, so no deal man. No money no talk. Hopefully I’ll have enough time and energy and enthusiasm to make one for KZ! (hello friend 🙂 we don’t talk money hahaha)

Been keeping a mental checklist of the things I’ve done/want myself to do this ‘holiday’. So far it’s been alright.

  • Bought materials yada yada
  • Read books which are not textbooks (current count: 2)
  • Run/exercise (current distance: 3.6km)
  • Read neuro stuff (printed out the IM seniors’ notes alr and now I remember why I didn’t print it then… it can get quite messy sometimes zzz)

On a side note, this week seems to be moving a little too fast. Stopppp!


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