See you again

I never thought I’ll be falling back in love with ballads anytime soon but this is really quite good! I thought One Call Away was not bad too but I wasn’t as crazy about it as the other people around me.

This week in Gastro was good too, though it kinda mellowed out towards the end of the week. Went for a HO/MO teaching early in the week and I thought I felt more confident dealing with LFTs already haha and it also gave me some affirmation that I’m on the right track. Joined a family conference one afternoon although I initially intended to join the afternoon clinic, only to end up joining the morning clinic doctor. Other interesting stuff included examining a patient with massive hepatomegaly (turned out to be mets from eye melanoma :(), seeing HCC patients in the clinic, post transplant patients…

I realised I ended up doing more hepato than gastro but oh well, it’s still good! One thing that lingered in my mind a lot was that… I really hope that when I die, I will die with no regrets. To be able to look back on my life feeling grateful and happy about the things that I’ve been through would be a really lucky thing indeed.

Beware of the man with a glass eye and knobbly hard liver.

I’m really thankful for the patients who are willing to let students examine them. I can only wonder if they had some fear of the unknown – “They said my liver was big and needed some checks”, “They are draining fluid out from my belly”, “Cancer”, “They said the things that are supposed to be low are high and the things that are supposed to be high are low”. And if they do think about the unknown, I can only imagine what it might be like. I didn’t expect to hear “Ya ya I’m here already, let you all do whatever you want”, “I told you just check, don’t need to tell me already, ok one!”, “You want to feel? Come come learn”. So yes, thank you so much for being willing to be the picture I can refer to when I learn.

Ended the week with a 3km run with Mental Muscle! So yup, I’ve clocked 6km over these 2 days and hopefully that won’t be all for the rest of the year. LOL I was one of the last 2 runners in the group with LX. Haha how did medschool cause vballers’ stamina to deteriorate so badly. Listened to a few talks before catching up with a few peeps over dinner and a short conversation with a schoolmate on the way home.

On a side note, I feel mildly relieved that the week long conversation ended.


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