Chasing pavements

Life in Gastro has generally been good and I am glad to be learning new things everyday, and more importantly, being able to want to learn things and reading up, without the added pressure of school assessments. Maybe some things are not very relevant to MBBS but a little more knowledge never does any harm. I also learnt the importance of staying abreast to the developments in the medical field. Being able to substantiate your decisions with clinically sound studies and trials carries so much more weight than saying ‘oh that’s how the hospital/everyone else does it’.

Yesterday was a day well spent. Firstly at school to catch up with my research paper writing (so thankful I didn’t have to do data collection) and managed to churn out a more decent looking results section to send to the mentor for review. He’s not replying though!! I want to finish this this electives…

Caught up with KZ over a big bowel of beehoon which I thought was really worth the price cos of the amount of meat and eggs given. Also dropped by marina bay to catch the lights…. without actually looking at the light installations hahah. But it was still nice to sit down and enjoy the wind and calming waters haha. I take it that it is a good thing that I don’t have any dramarama to share in my life.

Though I can’t help but wonder what my landmines were. Because for a while I thought someone might have just done something that I would get very offended by. But no la, I prefer to take it that the event was more benign than I thought it was. Better to let it slide than let it disturb me. It also reminded me that alot of times, apart from what was said, who said it and who the audience was mattered (probably) just as much as well. It is like an ant crawling over the landmine vs an elephant trodding across… there needs to be enough weight in the event for the landmine to actually explode.

I also realised I have a tendency to evade questions by feigning ignorance… alot… subconsciously. But oh well, I’ll be better at evading one day haha.


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