Time out

Quick update on life so far:

  • M4 is officially over! If electives isn’t an official thing. I guess what I meant to say is that the academic stuff of M4 is over đŸ™‚ Goodbye CHP, you have treated me well.
  • Starting with NUH gastrohepatology tomorrow. Hope I’ll meet nice people who will teach me stuff and hopefully I’ll enjoy myself there. It’s kinda scary thinking that I’ll be there alone… manz KZ I need to do IM with you haha.
  • Stitches for wisdom tooth out tomorrow!
  • Small postings treat, checked. Need to remember to pay my friend back though. Prive cafe outdone my expectations of cafes hahaha. Had eggs royale which was filling and savory. Was a bit too salty and buttery towards the end and I got sick of it 1.5 eggs through. Nonetheless a good choice if I was hungry!

Looking back, M4 definitely whizzed past. Not exactly a breeze but I’m happy with how results turned out. It would be good to have less of those ‘I don’t know what I’m doing and whether I really get it but I think that’s how it is’ feelings.


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