Monday is the day

CHP turned out to be a much longer break than expected, but also one that is much appreciated. Managed to get the research on and going again. Also visited the dentist after a zillion years and made plans to remove both wisdom teeth on the left side on Monday. Initially thought it would be a good time to rest my mouth since I don’t have to talk during the OP hahaha. But that also means that I’ll probably have to give the mock presentation a miss. And not being able to help in Q&A for the actual thing also. Please still let me pass CHP hahaha.

Dentist was surprisingly nice. Maybe that is how private practice works. Everytime I visit the dentist I get the ‘why you never brush your teeth properly’ judgmental face. Which makes me avoid dentists more…. and therefore the damage accumulates even more by the time I go for the next visit. But the current dentist is really nice! Even if she judges me on the inside…. she doesn’t show it which doesn’t make me feel as bad. Plus she gave me diazepam for the first 2 visits and also for the upcoming wisdom teeth removal, which helps in anxiolysis. It was so effective the second time that I was so relaxed that I didn’t keep my mouth open for as long and crashed for 2 hours after I got home. Hopefully the diazepam will be just right on Monday cos I really want to remove both at once. I also hope that I can speak properly by Saturday cos of the Paeds Bootcamp thingum.

I agreed to giving my number to the dental students cos they can do supervised dental procedures at a much cheaper rate. By right I will need to go to the polyclinic, get a referral to the NUS dentistry clinic because they need to assess whether the teeth is suitable for dental students to practise on and whatnots.

Anyway she also mentioned that I should get braces. Sigh, perennial topic. LOL and I think braces is like… a commitment thing. Throw your money into the wind and then buckle your teeth for the rest of your life. Sounds alot like marriage hahahah. I think for now I will not get them? Cos I read that there’s really alot of getting used to… spacers, brackets, ulcers, rubber bands, +/- extractions. Plus I fear the speech impediment hahah imagine having to present a case with knowledge that is already lacking and nervousness  compounded by pronunciation issues. Maybe I’ll leave it till after MBBS haha and just guai guai go for the 6 monthly check-ups for now. And I think a $10-20 check-up every 6 months is alright.

Dental stuff aside, I got to rewatch some of the earlier Running Man episodes too! Soooo good. I love it when there are no guests in the show actually. Unless it’s those unorthodox guests. Like princess special episode, then they get all the ahjumma veteran actresses onto the show hahaha.

Some Monday couple love to end the post.



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