Empress Ki

Technically I’m not done with the show cos there’re about 10-20 episodes in between that I have not watched. Caught the finale yesterday. No tears were dropped but such a heavy feeling when the show ended. Oh, how did I let another show rip my heart out.

I think I did watch an empire rise and fall (sort of, actually just 1 emperor). This is the exact feeling people get when they read a good book. The characters that died on the show, really died in my memory now. Omg sigh. I know the show had some inaccuracies with respect to the actual story and historical characters, but it’s ok haha.

I also know how some characters can be annoying in their own ways. But I think this kinda shows produce characters that are so annoying but very ‘human’ too. Especially Ta-hwan. Lol it’s quite annoying how he is always so needy and lack leadership. But isn’t it also true that leaders are not born. And who wouldn’t be helpless when the people around you are always plotting for the throne?

There’re also tangled love lines here and there too. But this show made it hard to not feel sad for the villains when they lose the ones they love. There’s lots of debate about whether Nyang truly loved Ta-Hwan. Well, I like to believe that she did, it’s just a different kind of love compared to Wang Yoo.

If I’m not wrong the original ending had a flashback to the point where Nyang had to choose to get on either Wang Yoo’s or Ta-Hwan’s horse. I actually liked that ending more than the revised one. I thought it was quite symbolic cos she had to choose between Goryeo and Yuan. Plus it also brought us back to the better days (when everyone was alive at least) sigh.

Lovely OST.

Should I watch another show to get over this show? Hhahah.


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