Strawberry swing

Quick updates with photos. Time has been whizzing past this long weekend I can’t seem to remember exactly what I did and when I did those stuff.

Saturday (Hort Park + Haw Par Villa)

Literally a walk in the park. It was pretty nice to look at the flowers but the weather was a mess.

Went to Jurong to get more flowers for CNY and I dozed off in the car in the scent of flowers hahaha. I can see why people would love receiving flowers.


Dropped by Haw Par Villa too. I didn’t take any photos there but it was a good reminder of the Chinese stories I heard when I was young. Learnt a bit more from Google too. But anyway I thought it was nice that the brothers built it because they wanted it to be educational and teach the young values too.

Sunday (I don’t know what happened today)

I can’t quite remember what happened for the first half of today hahahaha. Mostly spent stuffing myself with food… and I feel like the dinner at 5pm has yet to be digested. It’s almost 11pm now. Went to Sembawang Park though. I thought it was really ulu at first cos it seemed empty and there weren’t many cars there. Then when we walked closer to the beach it was actually quite crowded! There were many non-Chinese people chilling out this long weekend LOL I wonder if it happens every weekend. There was a volleyball court (on the grass) too!

Currently just waiting for CNY to slowly slip in.

I got reminded of Coldplay’s older songs and… that evoked some memories.

Don’t you find it interesting how songs are like bookmarks? Listen carefully and you might be back in time to when the song came out and you were excitedly sharing this song with your friends. Some songs are more special and they are tagged with your feelings about certain events in the past. For some reason those songs resonated so strongly back then, they felt like an anthem.

But when those events are over, those feelings and songs get left behind. When you go back and listen to them… go back to those memories and those feelings you once felt, it’s like a book that you’ve read. You know what happened so you no longer feel so strongly as you did the first time.

This feels so cheesy hahaha I think it’s one of those things I’ll read many years later and wonder why I wrote it.

Ok toodles.


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