Hymn for the weekend

This song is so addictive! It reminds me of Princess of China, except that this is an Indian version. And it feels like an Indian song that I understand and makes me excited. Hahaha.

So M4 is over! Hopefully no supps please please please. I feel that most of my motivation in studying in medschool comes from not wanting to take the Supps paper. I just don’t want to have to study all over again, and alone this time. M5 is coming… but till then, it’s CNY and CHP and electives and some down time.

Life post-pros has been fine so far. I thought I would wake up at 12pm everyday but nah. The ageing body has an ageing body clock. But that’s fine too, because it’s only barely 1 pm and I feel that I have accomplished alot today – bank administrative stuff, doing overdue research work, getting that half-priced textbook (which really seems to be well-kept and useful).

I feel that my mildly optimistic outlook in life is back (exams period was just low low low low low). It helps alot that I got to catch up with my Empress Ki too. Ok I actually started from the start and I’m only 5/51 episodes done. I’m going to really make use of my time travelling to watch the shows I wanna watch. I have always wanted to do so but sometimes it’s really uncomfortable on the train so I don’t really have the mood for shows… at like 6+/7+am in the mornings.

But anyway, I think the greatest takeaway from medschool so far, is learning to still do things you like while studying. Maybe it’s just a general life lesson everyone gets when they are in university. For me I only truly appreciate the importance of letting yourself chill a bit (and not spiral down the procrastination and guilt path at the same time), somewhere halfway in medschool. So yes, watch your dramas when need be. Go whack some balls on the court when your adipose says so.

Right… for now I’m just gonna watch one more episode before I go and wipe some furniture around the house.


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