Sunday blues

I remember I wrote a letter to myself back before M1 started because medschool felt like it’s gonna be crazy bewildering 5 years filled with uncertainty. I vaguely remember some parts of the letter. I wanted to read it but couldn’t find that post. Oh well.

I was also pretty tempted to read my old posts because I realised it’s almost 10 years since I started blogging! I seriously deserve a round of applause for this. I wonder how I will react if I see my younger self now. Nowadays I kinda get mildly annoyed with teenagers, like ‘ just get over whatever you can’t get over already’. It’s quite hard to imagine myself being like that before.

Then again, there’s something warming about being naive and gullible back then. Not that I got scammed, but I think I believed that things were much simpler and easier to achieve and that the conclusion for everything was ‘eventually I’ll get there’.

Anyway school is starting again tomorrow, at 0945 hahaha. Some consolation I suppose. The dread of going to school to stronger than before holidays started. Time for another break.


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