Things that make me glad to be alive

Caught 2 movies over the long weekend. And boy am I glad to be alive. I wouldn’t survive one day in either circumstances.

I’m really grateful for this 2-week holiday. I must be so deprived. But anyway, I desperately needed to recharge. So even if the holidays were not spent on meeting other people, I still think it is pretty awesome. Must keep my end of the deal after Pros though.

Christmas was spent pretty well too. Homemade laksa in the morning, badminton in the late morning and early afternoon, homemade kway chap for dinner. I booked such a weird timing for badminton with hopes that the rest of the day will be kept free and useful but no, didn’t happen. I slept half of the day away. Which is why afternoon seemed relatively empty haha. Anyway I ate too much again and had bad indigestion pains at night.

Hopefully today will be well-spent! 🙂


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