This makes me happy. So what if it’s mainstream haha.

So 3 days had officially lapsed since holidays started. The weekends don’t really count. Spent some time with mum at Gardens By the Bay. It’s her first time there so she got pretty excited looking at the flowers. For me, it’s my second time in the flower dome and the flowers didn’t change much. Still nice though. The Christmas deco wasn’t too bad either. I thought the teddy bears were cute. I think it’s more worth it to go in when there is a legit flower festival though. Bumped into one the SGH emed doctors too. Awkward hi-bye and I wonder if he really remembers me. But oh well, he’s one of the nice doctors I met there so it’s still good.

Had a short meet up with JZ and WZ and caught up a little. I realised… people really do change. Not saying they changed specifically, but in general, people. I thought I changed but according to them I have not changed since year 3/5. Appearance wise I know I barely changed. Like I know I can do blah blah blah to change my looks. Wearing contacts, put on a nice dress, have a proper hairdressing/treatment. But yeah, you know changing is one thing, maintaining it is another.


So yeah, people change. Looking around, yes, they did. We came to this conclusion that as we grow older, we will just have less friends. Either because we/they become busy… with their lives. So it’s really up to us to make it work sometimes.

Also had a short conversation about people’s sexuality and relationships. I never realised it before but I never thought about what it meant to be ready for a relationship. One of them was saying, for some it’s never about being ready – you just go into one and see how it goes. For some, they will only go into a relationship when they are convinced there’s a possibility of something long lasting coming out from it. I don’t know where I fall into because there hasn’t been real situations where I actually have to think about it. Then again, one of them also talked about the perks of being single which I totally agree. Any guy who’ll make me reconsider these perks… must be something.

In other news, my laptop just survived a near death after its wireless chip burned out. Managed to replace it with the help of my brothers and their sea of spare parts in the house. So yup, 80% of my computer is put together with their spare parts. If it was still running on the original parts, I think it would have sizzled out way earlier.

Gonna catch some ‘Z’s now. Ciao.


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