Hola Holidays

The first holiday of M4 is finally here! Planning to catch up on work proper and meet up with people this holiday. December is really meant to rekindle friendships man. My average meet-ups with people on the usual basis is like 20% of this holiday.

Going to have 2 badminton sessions too, which is probably the highlight for me actually. If only there are volleyball sessions too. But 1) not everyone knows how to play, 2) not everyone who knows how to play is¬†available. I want to dive into the wooden floor… Sigh. Who ever knew those 3x weekly trainings would be so dearly missed.

In other news, the ex-principal of RV made it to the newspapers, for all the wrong reasons. And not surprisingly, I don’t see any sympathy from the ex-RVians. Oh well, I suppose he’s just a few years short of retirement so it’s not exactly the worst that can happen to him if he’s convicted and all. The worst part is probably how he is going to answer to his family.


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