So I decided to be ambitious this month and started this.

So far, I’m into Day 3, and it feels ok? I think it is not as bad as the Playhouse dance abs PT. That one causes pain when I attempt to do work when I lie on my belly. For this, I tried to do other PT stuff I used to do in volleyball/Playhouse dance. But I think I tend to give up quite easily hahaha. It’s unlike training where someone forces you to go beyond your limits. But otherwise I try to do it twice a day… because whenever I exercise, I compensate by eating more too. Anyway, hopefully my tummy will flatten as desired hehe.

Anyway small postings are really like holidays. I watched The Scorched Trials (absent mindedly -.-) and finished the first Maze Runner book. I realised the book is quite different from the movie. I like the way the characters are portrayed in the movie but I like the plot in the book better.

The CG seems to be planning for a countdown at the hotel. Sigh. Impending big expenditures scare me. I guess it’s quite ironic that if I pull out then each of them will be spending more. But anyway, looks like it’s not going to happen cos the bookings are snapped up. But I think I’ll really give it a miss if it’s really going to happen anyway. Gonna meet them tomorrow after they finish their StanChart run haha.

Catchy song for the weekend.


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