Patho free day

So the patho department was generous enough to spare us a free day since there is no CTS this week. If only every posting was like this. Hey, if only life is like that. We need more free days.

I like to think that time is a malleable material in the sense that we can choose to do so much with it. And the converse is also true – we can be doing so little when we have plenty of time too. But I always end the thought with the feeling of wanting to kick myself cos I feel that I don’t spend my time well.

I also like to think that you don’t find time for others but you should make time for others. That’s what makes the concept of time cool again. You compromise certain aspects so that you can compensate for another aspect of life. A few tweaks with how you manage your time can result in big changes in outlook and outcome. Again, something I should kick myself for.

Just having itchy fingers so I’m rambling away.

Recently I had this feeling of being misplaced again. Like I couldn’t join in conversations of things that I don’t do but others do.

  1. Hey is this bingsu place nice? No, I don’t eat bingsu. Actually I think I never ate it before. But the idea sounds similar to ice kachang/chendol. Ice and beans and milk right.
  2. Woohoo ZoukOut 2016, discount for xxx! Zouk is. Just. If you know me, you know me la ok.
  3. Let’s go run at xxx. Run? Am i the only one who enjoys having the sunlight creep in on me on my weekends and free days?
  4. Oh ya that movie’s ending is good! Yeah… that movie… I didn’t catch that in the cinema. And I have it sitting in my computer actually. Still. Unwatched. For I don’t know what reasons either.
  5. Let’s go ice skating tomorrow since it’s a free day! No… I can’t ice skate cos I chose to save $16 per entry back in my post-JC/pre-U days so my friends who offered to teach me never got to teach me. And the 1x inline skating lesson sponsored by the school was back in sec 2.

There seems to be a compulsive urge to isolate myself again. Oh right, I deactivated my Facebook account recently. And I haven’t noticed a change in my life one bit. It’s nice though. It’s like clearing the flyers stuck on your refrigerator door.

‘Embrace thyself’ probably isn’t the easiest motto to bear. Time to change it to ‘Let’s not rain on someone else’s parade’.


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