Better than I thought


It’s kind of a lazy breezy Wednesday. Can’t believe I just let it pass me by while I attempted to study. CEX tomorrow and EOPT the day after! Actually can’t wait for all this to be over. Sadly there’s dance on Saturday. And there’s gonna be combined rehearsals on Monday and Wednesday?! On days that I can be at KTPH. Sigh.

Friend just found out that this other friend of mine got attached and was like “I need to break bad news to you”. But I already knew. And I’m perfectly alright with it. I’ve been alright for longer than I imagined actually. It’s funny how a recent conversation with a CG mate brought up the topic of being a nun. And he was actually surprised that I talked about it with my RV friends before already. But.. what do you expect when you talk to me hahaha I take pride in talking about the weirdest things. In summary, I can’t be a nun because I don’t think I can be a vegetarian.

I decided it’s wiser and more comfortable to take life as it is. I mean I might look back one day and hope I understand the perils of buying a car/house/insurance earlier so I could have made plans earlier. But I do appreciate living like a free spirit for the moment hahah.

Here’s life in general. Toodles.



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