Today is unofficially the last day of my O&G posting. CEX is on next Thursday though, then EOPT on Friday. But everything is arranged such that we were to submit everything by week 5 and the last week is meant for revision. Glad to say I enjoyed this posting! It was nice to have rotated through both Obs and Gynae (benign and onco) and saw deliveries and operations… and met nice doctors along the way. Hahaha as I was telling some of my friends, I’m still quite happy we got NUH instead of KKH although the former is more shiong and the marks might not be that high. I really prefer places with structured teachings. 🙂

Ended the day today with OSSE revision + feedback + lunch (northern Indian food). Apparently the prof brought the secretaries to try out this newly opened northern Indian cuisine restaurant and then they went ahead to order catering for us. It was really nice hahaha. Too bad the desserts were really too sweet. And I was too full from bread + milo + cake earlier. After the tutorial, the prof came by and gave us chocs as a farewell gift? Hahaha. Super nice prof offered OSCE revision before pros if needed too.

Yesterday’s OSCE revision with another prof was pretty memorable to me. Not so much the content she went through, but the stories she shared with us. One was that she had a patient who was in her 40s and has 3 daughters, this time round she unexpectedly got pregnant again, with a baby boy. And the whole family was very excited with the news. As her previous pregnancies were delivered by LSCS, this time round they were planning for a LSCS at 38weeks. So the patient requested for the LSCS at 37+6 weeks on a Monday as it was a good day (horoscope delivery).

Unfortunately the OTs were full so the doctor had to push the LSCS to the next day instead. Who knew that on the Monday itself, she came in because of reduced fetal movements. And the worst happened – IUD. Pretty traumatic for the doctor then, and she didn’t even dare enter the room to see the patient. But the patient didn’t blame her. She still requested the doctor to do the LSCS for her, and asked her for psychological advice for her 3 daughters as they were all so excited for their new brother. Till now, they have maintained contact. 🙂

If I’m not wrong, the moral(s) of the story is that:

  1. We should always treat our patient with sincerity.
  2. Sometimes in our career we encounter things that make us feel like we just cannot go on, but we can.

This prof was also from RV. Which makes everything even more inspiring.

I like how this posting made me see the world better. I like how it made me realise what I know of people, the world, medicine is so limited. I saw exhausted mothers with their limbs all splayed out after the delivery and lamenting at how Entonox is useless, how mothers peep out of the drapes during a LSCS to see how their kid is doing at the corner of the OT, how mothers cope with other issues like divorce during their pregnancy, how women cry when their baby’s heartbeat cannot be detected on the ultrasound… how dads took photos of the baby crowning at the perineum, how they sayang their wives… Most of all, I’ll remember how they smile at you while they are wheeled out the delivery suite, OT or clinic. Even when all you did was grab her leg while she was pushing, retract the abdomen, took her BP in the clinic.

Maybe OBGYN will/will not be something I will do for life. But it’s something I’ll consider going back to as a posting. 🙂 Hopefully I’ll say the same after CEX and EOPT!

That aside, happy early birthday to the youngest of the lot!

We thought it was fun to play with a bright background hahaha. Sigh defo gonna miss this peeps when we split up for the small postings.


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