Love this duet. 🙂 Original by TLC.

Post psych life has been full of hustle bustle. Spent most of my time tying up some loose ends – bank stuff, small stuff like mending a shirt, cleaning my table (feels damn good now). Maybe I felt so uncomfortable studying at my table because it was so messy. Also went for dance practice which wasn’t too bad this time round, probably cos the steps were easier and there’s less turning around haha.

Finally continued working on the research project too and starting on data analysis now. I’m glad my prof knows I know nothing and doesn’t expect me to use fancy programs. Drove around abit today after not driving for 1 year. Glad to say I survived the roads and my mother. Bumped around (striked curb, mounted curb) in the carpark though. Thank you SG govt for building wide roads.

Going to start O&G tomorrow and I’m actually quite excited. The timetable looks super packed.

On a side note, I’m hoping to live a healthier life. Nope not gonna run. Well, I thought about it, but the haze ruined everything.

  1. Better posture. I’m starting to rely on cracking and stretching my joints alot to relieve all the muscle tension (does that make sense). Online forums talked a lot about unstable joints and all, which is super unsettling especially since I’ve a newly acquired skill of cracking my neck. D:
  2. Better sleeping habits. It’s supposed to make you smarter and prettier. O&G please spare me my 8hours of sleep!

These should keep me occupied for long enough.


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