Time to have a life

My friend shared an article which I think is to remind me not to spend all my time on academics and go out to have a life. Thanks thanks haha. I shall keep this in mind.


“I wish I had:
– Spent more term breaks travelling, not revising.
– Said ‘yes’ to more nights out and meals with friends.
– Ditched revision for my college ball despite it being two weeks before my final examination.
– Slept more and spent more.
– Worried less and complained less.
– Made the time to meet new people and widen my circles.
– Taken a step back from the chaos to truly appreciate how fortunate I was.

Put simply, I wish I had worked less and played more. This is a piece of advice I dispense liberally to my undergraduate friends who during the middle of term, lament about their umpteen deadlines and unforgiving schedules.”


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