It has been a while since I have posted anything. Technically, I’ve always been here, just that I have saved some posts as drafts instead. I decided to hoard thoughts that are neither here nor there as drafts, partly to acknowledge that they were there but I didn’t feel like sharing with other people. Anyway, it feels like it’s about time to declutter.


  1. Settled my electives, yay! Except for the fact that my holidays (2 weeks only D:) is arranged in the earlier part of the electives period, I’m pretty happy and excited about what I’m going to do – 3 weeks hepatogastro, 1 week break, 3 weeks neuro, 1 week break, 4 weeks A&E, 2 weeks radiology. Sadly I’ll start M5 immediately after electives but I’m hoping the last 2 electives will be more generous about the attendance. That’s the plan so far, not expecting any major changes at the moment.
  2. Finally gonna get a move on for my research project which has been going on forever, but making minimal progress. But, finally, something.
  3. Wrapping up Psych posting soon. I must say it has been an eye opening experience, especially at IMH. I will take note the next time when I see someone queer. Well, they may be normally queer. But if they happen to be not, and they did something I disapprove, I should learn to be more tolerant and understanding.
  4. My blog almost got discovered by my CG mates who googled everyone’s names with the ” “. I swear I was about to have a panic attack. Implosion was contained immediately by locking up the website. Extremely thankful for a friend who was really cool about it when I told her I was still using the blog.
  5. Just found out that 3 friends got attached recently, one of whom was a recurring theme in my very old posts. Well, I’m not very very very affected by it though. A little? Yes. It’s mostly because it was a trigger to open up old memory stores and look through it again. And it was not like I was particularly fond of all the memories. It was mostly a ‘oh, alright’ reaction. I figured that I was never really upset that we never got to be more than friends, but rather that we regressed from friends to acquaintances.
  6. Almost had a CG swap to another hospital for the next posting. And I said no cos case load is not going to be much higher, teaching may or may not be better, it is further from my house and I take the train most of the time. Maybe it was not a very popular choice but I think I want to stand my ground. Guess the rest are alright with it anyway.
  7. Happy to reconnect with my old friends – friends from rv and med school friends that I felt that I haven’t been talking to for quite sometime. 🙂 Social support is important man. We should always try to find social support for our patients, whether they came in for a psych condition or not. Timely reminder.

Lastly, I’ll like to end the post with a stunning visual.


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