Flight of ideas

Not writing for a long time feels alot like constipation. And you know how awesome it feels to clear your bowels, so yeah. I feel that I haven’t really been myself of late. Not exactly sure why but I think it’s just an endogenous cause. Maybe some writing will help. 🙂

Quick update about what I’ve been up to.

Acute Med posting ended a while back and I kinda miss it. I know that if I were to go back there I’ll be so overwhelmed by the amount of knowledge I need to know and no longer know haha. Hopefully if I get to do an elective at the A&E, it’ll be even better than my posting experience. 🙂

Today marks the end of week 1 of psychiatry posting. So far, it is a love-hate posting. I like how the human mind can be so strange (I enjoy looking through the behaviour chart in the case notes). But I really dislike how it is like learning a new set of vocab. And the thing is, many patients present with symptoms that overlap with a few criterias at once, so diagnosis isn’t as clear cut as other disciplines. There’s no scan to say hey, he has depression, he is hearing voices, he sees things that aren’t there. But it is also a nice reminder that we cannot be over-reliant on machines, and alot of what we do depends on our own judgement and interpretation. It’ll be nice if I’m someone with lots of patience too, but no… hahahaha. I’ll try my best though.

Watched Inside Out just yesterday and it was good! Now it’s officially one of the movies I’ll rewatch and recommend other people to watch. Sadness was super cute too. I like the underlying message of the movie – how we should all accept sadness, because sadness and joy are partners afterall.

I had this dialogue with my friend today because the topic happened to be brought up.

Me: “Yeah but I’m ok about it”
Friend: “But you will still feel a bit affected right?”
-stunned inside for a while-
Me: “Hmm yeah, like it’s a waste of time.”

Guess it was alright to be honest about it. Till better days. 🙂

Ok, end of another incoherent post.


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