Love thyself

I see myself changing a little in the past few months and now that I have some time to spare, I’m wondering if it’s a good kind of change. For starters, I climbed a mountain I never saw myself climbing in my entire life. And when I did it, it felt really good. I felt like a kid who was amazed with the world again. I found strength in my mind and muscles that I never knew I had. (and of course I would have died without the rest of the gang)

I picked up sewing too. Well, I already know a bit about sewing since young cos I helped out (willingly/unwillingly) when my mum alters clothes and sews stuff. But I made something from scratch for the first time this time round. Glad to say it turned out looking pretty good, and it also felt good to bask in people’s amazement when I tell them it was handstitched. Not quite sure when I’ll ever sew again/learn to use the sewing machine though.

Then school started and amidst all the hustle and bustle, I signed up for dance for a school play. That is reallyyyy one big leap man. And that is of course due to peer pressure. But it’s ok, cos I’ve got friends doing this with me. Plus, if not now, then when? I’ll just move my body accordingly at the side/back of the mass dance and hope I don’t embarrass myself haha.

I guess I answered the question already. All this change might be for the better. I always dread doing something new and out of my usual character. But so far it hasn’t been too bad when I really… just do it. Hopefully I’ll juggle time well though. Go steph. 🙂


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