Braver than most

Sadly I can’t find the lyrics. But yay to a chirpy song for the weekend!

Currently doing my acute med posting and so far… I haven’t spent much time in the ED. Hopefully the rest of the posting will be enriching and I’ll meet nice doctors who somehow can squeeze time out to teach. Cos it’s really quite hard to learn/remember just by reading alone. And I read super slowly.

Anyway, this week has been really chill. Watched Ant-Man (who knew he was really a Marvel character!) and skipped lectures yesterday. Sigh peer pressure… But anyway, collected our scrubs and met up with the girls (KZ, JZ, CE)afterwards. It was a nice dinner! It’s kinda funny how we knew each other from different places, but it’s quite alright to talk about slightly more personal stuff. Well, not super personal, but it was beyond small talk. I guess how close you are to someone is really not dependent on how long you know the person. 🙂

The neighbours popped over with curry and some pastries too cos it’s Hari Raya. Hahah today was a good day.


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