Took me a while to like this song. 🙂 Here’s a line which I really like and interpret as what home is.

It’s where my heart was made
And my feet will always land

Anyway, hello Singapore. Made it back safely from Taipei after a 3-hour flight delay due to the typhoon warning and backlog of many flight cancellations the day before. Yup, so now I’m feeling pretty good about myself. This is the first time I’ve fully maximized my holidays on holidaying.

There’s a general atmosphere of joy around my world right now (hope I can say the same by the end of next week, or day). Feeling refreshed, and happy to have seen the world out there, thankful to build new friendships or renew old ones during this break.

School is going to start tomorrow and I haven’t done anything academically related since Indo. And that doesn’t even really count. Kinda apprehensive about the first day. How long will the rusty engines take to restart?

Note to anybody reading – protected posts are just times when I find the need to be totally honest and clear in my writing, but at the same time feeling insecure to share with the world. Don’t think of it as bad kinda walls I build.


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