Indonesia 2015 – Part 2

Unknowingly, time flew by and the day was coming to an end. This time we split up. Some of us went banana boating, some of us went to kayak. I decided to kayak since I didn’t want to get wet. I don’t have any photos but anyway, the part of the beach for kayaking was super shallow. We didn’t need life jackets at all haha. Managed to catch the sunset while kayaking. As C would have put it, it was super insta-worthy but we didn’t have our phones with us.

The banana boaters came along soon after and since they were already wet, they just waddled in the waters. The moment I saw them approaching I knew they were up to no good (i.e. pirates trying to capsize us). So C and I paddled like crazy hahaha. I swear my shoulders felt the burn from all the paddling cos the paddles were quite heavy.

After that it was back to the lodging and back to the resident cats there. Played cards again and other games. And I was always the first or second to lose. Oh well. Oh we played “pig” or something like that. So the person who loses becomes the level 1 pig, and nobody else can talk to him/her, or else they’ll become a pig too (level corresponds to whatever level pig they talked to). Whoever becomes level 3 pig first, is the ultimate loser. I must say, although I suck at games, I’m damn good at dragging people down with me. >:)

There were various penalties, like zha ma bu. So everyone stands in a row,Β in the sequence of losing and do the half squat, and each person can decide how long to squat when it comes to their turn. I almost died. Well, I slipped and fell on my butt when I was whacking the person next to me to hurry up and finish his turn. So the penalty ended prematurely for everybody. Super malu but it was funny hahaha.

Dinner was alright, we also had BBQ fish soon after. Actually we thought we will be the ones doing the BBQ but… apparently no. Hahaha I suppose some people would be happy to have cooked fish all ready for consumption. But since we’re already in the great outdoors, it would have been nice to do things ourselves.Β I realized by then, that Indonesian food has a super high tendency to be super dry. Maybe it’s just that I’m not used to it. But the people can be so hospitable you can’t complain.


Sigh I really should correct my posture.

On a side note, there were plenty of stars at night! We can never get to see so many thanks to the light pollution in the city, so it was good. πŸ™‚

I was super drained by the end of the day, with barely enough sleep and feeling disconnected from the rest of the world. Slept like a log. Breakfast came on the dot the next day and we were off to snorkel!! We took a boat to the vast seas! The journey was about 45 mins to an hour long. I was actually quite worried it’ll be snorkeling in the deep waters. But actually when we reached the snorkeling spot, it was quite shallow. You can easily spot the sea bed when you’re on the boat.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

That’s not me but it’s a nice photo. πŸ™‚

There were plenty of fish in the water… and jellyfish. And oh how they sting. I still have a scar on my thigh from the sting that probably will never go away. Now I totally get those scenes in Spongebob Squarepants where he gets stung by jellyfish. It’s like mosquitoes in water, except the stings are both painful and itchy. It was overall really fun though.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

On the boat ride back, we decided to hang out legs over the edge of the boat. It was a lovely feeling to have the warm water bathing our feet. I remember thinking, how I wish time would slow down. Quickly snucked our feet back in when we approached the dock. Crossed many boats again before heading back to the lodging to pack and quickly clean up!


That was us in the lodging while waiting for the ferry back to Jakarta to come. We were taking each others’ pulses… hahahah how nerdy can we get. Did other random stuff like giving each other massages. And we tried to sit in a circle and massage each other so that everybody will be included. Soon after, it was time to bid Anton and Pari Island goodbye.

We were lulled to deep sleep on our business class-ish ferry on the way back. It was a lot less crowded compared to the previous trip so we could all lie down on the floor. It was one of the best sleep I had ever since I landed in Indo. πŸ™‚ Upon reaching, we had to cross many boats/ferries/sampans again. This time, I had a near-death experience if not for my 2 friends.

So we had to climb from the boat to the dock and the height difference was from just below the head of my humerus to my feet. 2 of my friends were already on the dock so they helped by holding onto my hands. Funnily enough, thinking back, they are the 2 tallest in the group too, no wonder they could abseil the wall with more ease. There was this small negligible dent in the wall… so I just tried. When I had one foot on the wall and the other barely leaving the boat, I swung to my left. So basically I was suspended in mid-air with my 3 limbs anchored somewhere. The 2 friends helped me up, but it was really scary at that point in time. Drop me then gg bye bye I won’t be typing this anymore.

We walked for a while but there were no cabs in sight. Decided to take the mini-bus instead. When your friend tells you not to take public transport, they meant it.


We (actually the bahasa speaking friend) negotiated a price and told them our destination (the hospital since it was close to our accommodation). All kinda went fine. The bus was hot and stuffy, and it didn’t help that there are small jams along the way. What was worse was that one of the tires went flat and it seemed like the driver didn’t know how to get to the hospital. At this point, we decided to get off and cab instead.

As we were getting on to a cab (it was easier to get it as we were on the main roads now), the driver came over and demanded we pay for the journey from the port to wherever we were. We paid in the end. But it was a scary moment cos he was quite adamant and stopped the cab from leaving. I guess it’s reasonable we paid him something… but still it wasn’t such a good experience.

Anyway, we went to the mall! Atrium. Must pronounce in the Indo way. It’s not “ay-tree-um”, it’s “ahh-threeee-um”. We were welcomed by air-con and quickly went to buy our SIM cards. Oh connectivity! We were super excited when we saw familiar brands in the mall too.


Hopped over to a restaurant recommended by our friends. One of the dishes was beef balls (bakso)… and only 4 balls were served. We divided it into 8 and added the tomato slice and cabbage to make the dish look more substantial haha. Got Sharetea and went to the supermarket, went back to our accomm.

It was a fun weekend getaway overall. πŸ™‚ Then it was back to school the next day sigh.

Photo credits to everybody in the group.


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