Maybe the coordinates aligned again

I am well and alive and back from Jakarta. I didn’t expect myself to go MIA for the entire electives. I thought I’ll have more than enough time to type something. Anyway I still have the half-written (actually it’s nowhere near the halfway mark D:) post for the Jakarta trip. It turned out better than I had expected by the way. πŸ™‚ It might take some time for me to complete that piece.

I’ll be heading to Taiwan the week before school starts. So far all the planning is draining my energy and time. Maybe it will not be well-spent rotting away at home anyway. But still, planning is painful. Currently planning for a 9-day getaway to Taipei and Hualien. I’m looking forward to the shopping part actually. I think it’s cos I didn’t manage to do any retail therapy in those 4 weeks in Jakarta. Because I am a common size and I am picky. 😦

Things to do before school starts:

  • Buy contacts
  • Buy kneepads – I can’t keep borrowing it from other people and I realised sometimes I play more than them… I thought the chances of that will decrease as I grow older.
  • Buy a fat quarter and felt from Daiso to make my tablet case – Just a simple one but I’ve been procrastinating since 2 years ago.
  • Make a pencil case – Maybe, just maybe.
  • Make a case (of any sort) for my friends – If the tablet case succeeds hahaha.
  • Cut my hair – Contemplating, cos I want to have more length before I cut it but the waves and pokey ends are suffocating me.
  • Print my notes – I know that I’m going start with Acute Med already, cos they sent some admin stuff out to us today
  • Watch my shows (Breaking Bad, Attack on Titan, Game of Thrones) – Because it’s painful to not watch them during school term.
  • Complete the Jakarta post +/- Taiwan post
  • Research – zzz.

Fate is a funny thing.


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