Feels a bit out of place typing away in a public area, ie. the library. But I’m only here because I’m too early for the tutorial. 😦 Had to printed the worksheets anyway. And I see the effects of ponning already, I don’t understand anything. But no regrets this time.

Was talking to a friend early this morning and although the topic wasn’t about me, I felt like I was looking into my own flashbacks and it’s partly amusing, partly scary. But it also made me re-evaluate my own perspectives too. I believe I’ve been a Tom for a significant amount of time and I don’t have a younger sister like in the movie to put me into place, so I probably need to constantly remind myself to stay real.

I read something quite interesting a long time ago. You know Cinderella’s story? It’s true. Except, we aren’t Cinderella. It’s more likely that all of us are Prince Charming running around with a glass shoe hoping to find someone who fits. Anyway it’s damn lame how a prince can actually not recognize his love. Like, dude, you danced with her for 3 nights. Unless it’s a club in a fairytale, then maybe it’s too dark. Okok I’m digressing.

The shoe represents what you hope/think what love is. And sometimes, only some people can fit in. Whoever tries to change their feet (by cutting it or whatever, you know… if you watched Into The Woods), there is only bloodshed and pain.

I sound like I really know this shit. But probably not hahaha. Days like this make me want to be alone. But I still want to listen to love songs haha. And because I think Hilary Duff is cool.


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