Wilderness of sorts

I should probably sleep soon and just throw away the idea that sleeping is akin to wasting the holidays away. But it just dawned upon me that the mountain climb is going to be 4D3N, not 3D2N. So… Brace yourself steph.

I’m filled with an awful amount of fear about the climb. I guess I’m not ready to cut off (almost) all connections with civilization and skip into the great nature. I want to be able to send an sms on the mountain. I’m just a strawberry in a glasshouse.

Logistics of travelling always crush me and I wonder why the rest are so chillax about it. Dont need to change money meh, don’t want to settle as much logistics as possible while you’re here instead of booking it later when you’re overseas? Maybe I’m too noob and kiasi. But I like everything planned properly beforehand.

Somehow I’m not looking forward to the trip anymore.


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