Only blue or black days

It must have been a significant amount of time I stayed away from the computer cos I’m starting to think that the audio sounds different. I’m glad I kinda sorted out my thinking for the past few days, or maybe I decided to just leave any thinking to after this stressful period. But anyway, clearing out things in my phone helped too. Maybe that’s why some people go on an OCD rage when they are feeling down.

Need to speed up my revision though. Looking at some of the past year questions makes me wonder why I’m studying in so much detail. For the OSCE? For that one station for each posting I’m pouring though thousands of pages and saturating every single brain cell (many has died or given up, I can feel it). I wish I can remind myself that I’m studying for patients in the future. But, where I’ve been living, I’ve been trained to think for the exams for far too long. But still…

The best habit you can develop is to read everyday. Keep on reading as if someone’s life depends on it because that’s the truth. You’re not reading to pass a standardized test. You pass every time you save someone’s life.

Tumblr said so.


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