In summary


Rosemary in a recycled plastic part from a fruit mixer. Sometimes it’s interesting how my mother and brother can be such avid green thumbs while I totally have no interest in plants.

All the studying and shuttling between school and home has kind of took over my life these past few days. I think I became cold and distant to many people. 😦

In other news, I had a nightmare just recently. One that was so bad I actually woke up shouting. My mom was there though, so I received a fair bit of sayang sayang before drifting back to sleep. It wasn’t even thattt bad a dream (i was almost killed by my “brother” who I knew was my brother in my dream but it wasn’t the face of my real brothers). Well, the dream wasn’t real but the fear was.

My mum shun bian went to the temple to get me some stuff anyway. Especially since it was Qing Ming Festival. She asked me a few times who this “brother” was. She also told me something that was a bit…. Eerie? She went to the fortune teller many years back and he told her she actually has more than 3 kids. Ie she probably miscarriaged without even knowing.

Oh well, bygones be bygones. I slept super well since then anyway.

I got my RJ back recently too! Did super well! 🙂 Which I did not expect at all. I’m gonna keep this copy man. But the joy died down quickly after because I did super badly in the mock meqs. Thankfully it’s a mock. And I really should spend more time to think through the options. It’s quite scary though, you can easily lose 3 marks at a go with one wrong choice. 😦 Pros please be good.

I look forward to the days after Pros. Doing nothing might be good for a start.


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