Four walls

I can’t decide if I like the studio version or the live version better. But in any case, her singing is super good. (She sings at an even higher pitch in the live version.)

I like to imagine my mind as a room filled with post-its. Some parts are filled with all the academic stuff. When exams come by, it’s something like this.

Some parts are filled with interesting facts of life – like how elephants are really cool (I mean it, you should google and learn more about them). Some parts I’ll fill up with random musings/thoughts, which I’m not sure where to place. That part of my mind is a temporary wall of post-its when I’m not sure whether I should chuck those thoughts or actively think about them. I guess that’s what people mean by “back of my mind”.

Today I have a post-it in that part of the room. I don’t really know where that thought stemmed from. The people around, the song, utter boredom from studying? But anyway,

Have you ever wondered how it’s so strange to fear not ever falling for somebody again, but at the same time, you also fear the mere prospect of it?

Now let me just go rescue that fire back there.


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