Glad I took a break from nephro yesterday. STILL haven’t gone back to paeds. 😦 But I guess poisoning is a paeds thing too. Today I shall read:

  • Nepho: AKI, CKD, RCC? (or whatever tumours there is)
  • Paeds: Cardio, probably respi too (lucky i made notes before 🙂 )
  • +/- GS: Urology (since it’s a buddy of nephro)

Decided not to go back to school to study today cos I slept really late yesterday, watching The Return of Superman. That’s the only proper break I gave myself for the entire day. And I was very unwilling to sleep because once Friday passes, my weekends also zoom away pretty quickly.

Having clinic week next week, hopefully I’ll be able to more or less cover the core of the core of the core of IM. Yep no typo there. 8 weeks of IM is crazy.

Work is clearly invading my private space now.

But someday, the weight of the world
Will give you the strength to go


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