Nephro oh no

Driven up the wall reading nephrology. There’s so much unfamiliar content. 😦 I shall revise the previous lectures for cardio and compile them properly and revise paeds cardio at the same time.

List of to-dos:

  • Nephro – AKI, CKD, RCC (tomorrow maybe)
  • Poisoning – Paracetamol, salicylates
  • Compile cardio – AF, heart failure,adult valvular disorders
  • Paeds cardio – blue baby, valvular defects and holes

Thankful that I at least got some stuff done today:

  • Revised DM
  • Read up on Cushing’s
  • Done with proteinuria, gross and micro haematuria, nephrotic syndrome (all the GNs just destroyed me)
  • HTN crisis

Not sure if this is studying or slow death.


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