Decided to come here in the end hahaha. I have totally no inspiration though. I just feel like I’m constantly in debt in IM. Sleeping debts, RJ debts, reading debts (IM and revision for other postings). I noticed dark circles appearing early into IM and the only thing I thought of was aliens and crop circles. Don’t ask me why cos I don’t know why too. I looked into the mirror today and thought my eyes looked even more sunken with darker eye circles. I’m slowly but surely burning out.

Today was especially bad. Woke up hoping the day will be over soon so that I can go back to sleep, and developed a persistent headache and backache in mid-day. The symptoms started to resolve after tutorial though. I’m sure they are partly of psychogenic cause. Hopefully the long weekend (yay!) will be put to good use. 🙂

Hoping that I won’t burn out too fast, too soon.

How can something be so soothing and calming.

She says “Happiness ain’t free
Everybody fights just like me
But I’ve given up the ability to retreat”


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