Bohemian rhapsody


Here’s a random photo of a small flower 🌸

Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody has been my theme song for IM for quite some time now and I foresee that it’ll be the case for the rest of the posting. Every line feels so apt except for the part where he sang “Mama, just killed a man”. And I definitely hope that that part will never be true.

It’s really tough trying to learn so much at once. One day you might be sitting in a lesson about the liver, the next day it’ll be about the kidneys. In between you’re struggling with the other organs too. You see one thing and you want to read about it. But you see so many things in one day, so yeah. When you think you’re quite done with it, something comes up and you realize that you’re probably nowhere near the end.

This posting has exposed me to things I didn’t expect. Like a patient weeping after we saw him for tutorial, trying to test his speech and language. He didn’t fare very well and I could see him trying his best. It struck me how much we have taken things and people around us for granted, and how used we are to seeing the hospital as a place full of cases and conditions.

It’s easy to remember where in the hospital the murmur or crepitations or hepatomegaly is. It’s supposedly easy to remember that every patient is someone’s parent or sibling or child. But we seldom remember that. It’s scary to think that one day the person on the bed might be someone close to you and all he/she is remembered for in the hospital is that murmur, crepitations or liver.

I’m guilty of all of the above, but hopefully I’ll learn to be more mindful in the future.


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