Silver linings and more

Took me a while to like this song but now it plays in my head every now and then.

It feels like a long time since I posted anything, but actually it was only one week. So, first week of IM. Not too bad hahaha. I like it so far despite my inadequacies. I like it for the people mostly – for the patient doctors and the friendly patients. I’m also glad I’m making more friends in this posting too. And it’s even better when we can work well together. 🙂

Furthermore there is no EOPT so I feel like I’m really doing everything because I want to be good in it in the future, 8 weeks and beyond. Be it procedures or write-ups, I’m doing them because I want to be familiar with them and hopefully not be burdened by them when I work in the future. Well, presenting cases is more for exams though. Guess it plays a role when I work too so… oh well.

GS results were released too. As usual I’m at the peak of the curve (the results usually end up in a normal distribution somehow). And it’s ok. I think all that matters is that I already put in effort. 🙂 That actually sounds like something SY would say if I told her about it.

Today turned out better than expected. I was contemplating if I should go back to the hospital to clerk another case for RJ. My partner managed to persuade me and so I managed to drag my lazy bones across the country haha. Studied in school after that with a few interesting conversations in between, plus an ECG mini-tutorial by a schoolmate after that. It was way more fruitful than I imagined. Shall hopefully finish up the ECG book tomorrow. This is the first time peer pressure had a positive effect hahaha.

I guess good things always come by when you least expect it. Like the nurse pushing in the ECG trolley while you were behind the curtains with a patient so tadah chance to do ECG. Or randomly getting an ECG tutorial. Or meeting all the nice staff and patients, who patiently let you do stuff so that you can learn. Or finding out that someone has more things in common with you than you think, and therefore click easily with. Life has been kind, and I think it’s a reminder to return the good to the people around.

Ok fuel running extremely low now so I dont think I’ll be coherent if I continue. Maybe another time.


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