I wrote a short post yesterday which unfortunately didn’t get published or saved. I’m too lazy to retype it too. Whatever happened in the past few days felt like a blur. I forgot that I turned 22 just a few days ago.

There are a few things here and there nagging in my life, waiting for me to do something about them.

1) Plan my M4 electives. I’m thinking of doing a short overseas elective and spending majority of the time in Singapore to explore/learn something/make connections blah blah. So I need to start thinking of which overseas university to apply to, which department (some universities only let you go to certain departments), and how long to stay. Actually it might be nice to do the overseas elective at the later part of the elective period. So let’s say I go overseas in the last 2 or 3 weeks of the elective period, then I stay 1 week more such that I get to shun bian have a holiday there. Sounds good to me. Sounds like a nice way to end the academic year. Other things to think about would be where/when/what local elective to do. I’m pretty keen to do clinical attachments. Hopefully by then I would have somewhat decided on my interests. 🙂

2) Research………. always always always nagging at the back of my mind. I just realised my NUS email is working again. Which prompted me to hurry up and do something about my research which I FEEL SO LAZY AND UNWILLING TO DO. But for the sake of my very worrisome and pitiful portfolio, I think something must be done. Well, I did do some reading… but I don’t know if it was useful too. Luckily I did summaries as I read, so hopefully the gists of the articles will help. Shall email the doctor tomorrow for some guidance. I guess it is good that he kinda leaves me alone to do things. But my complacency sometimes… is uncontrollable. Go steph go.

3) M3 indo elective. Am still accommodation-less. 😦 I’m totally for booking early and getting cheaper rates. But nobody seems worried about the lack of accommodation. The trip is about 3 months away. 3 months is not short alright. Considering there’s IM posting and pros. I’ll have no interest in slowly sourcing for good accommodation. There’s a place that the school recommended, but has yet to reply. It’s been 3 weeks and counting. Doesn’t the lack of efficiency also make people feel unsettled? No pun intended. Anyway, I have emailed 3 other places. Let’s hope something good happens.

4) IM posting and pros. Actually I’m not sure when pros is. But if I’m not wrong it’ll roll in like a tsunami wave after the last posting. IM posting also seems like it’ll be a tsunami wave by itself. I saw the schedule and it’s pretty crazy and hectic. Looking forward to it but also feeling a bit apprehensive about it. This is just like the feeling before I started my GS posting.

All those aside, just a short rambling.

I think it is scary to have plans because many years down the road I’m afraid I’ll still be at square one. Maybe it is better not to have any life plans. Why add more deadlines to the many you already have in school and work and stuff. It’s so easy to stay young inside, but physiologically… mayyybe not. As a friend once put it, “You know you’re running out of eggs as you get older right.” I mean it’s not just about reproduction, he suddenly reminded me of my body’s limitations. Sigh, what exactly should I be doing with my life?


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