Streaks of lights


The view across the causeway in the middle of the night. Still bustling with fireworks lighting up the sky at the other end. I didn’t get a good spot and therefore shot of the fireworks this year. I hate to admit this, but Apple’s phone cameras can do a much better job than mine. That was taken with a non-Apple phone by the way. But in other aspects, I’ll love my Android phone more hahaha.

Was a little disappointed this time round compared to the previous year where the fireworks were more rampant and the air was alot less humid. I realised the waters were heavily polluted as well. The kind where styrofoam litters the surface zzz.

CNY has finally arrived and it actually marks the end of endless cleaning and coerced invitation to pastry-making parties. Yay. It’s actually more tiring than normal days. I need a break within this break.


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