Love me like you do

This song actually grew onto me after a while! I heard it a few weeks back and suddenly yesterday it kept repeating itself in my head. I think that this song is good, but it felt like anyone other than Ellie Goulding could be singing it too. It just doesn’t feel like it’s her song.

I just terrorized my brother to practise all my ortho PEs (except hip). Hopefully I can do everything quickly on Saturday so that I look polished yet accurate in my findings. Anyway, it’ll be done on the SPs, so I shouldn’t expect much anyway. Can’t believe Ortho is finally coming to an end! Felt like an eternity but in a way it felt really short too cos I only started getting the hang of it in the later half of the posting.

IM will start right after the 1 week holiday. Feeling excited but scared at the same time too. Reminds me of GS. Hope I’ll like it though. It’s quite daunting when you hear so much about how overwhelming the content is. Hoping that GS results will turn out ok too! It has been 3 months since we took the paper, I don’t know why the results aren’t out yet. Hoping, very hard, that I’ll do ok.


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