For every 1 time you inform someone of the complications/ consequences, there’s 10 other times you need to reassure them that it might not happen to them at all. But, those words carry so much responsibility. And way too much power. Oh well, life (as a medie).

I found this post rather interesting.

I wonder, do those who believe there’s someone “who got away” really believe their lives would be better had they not “gotten away”?

The one who got away. Hmm, interesting. Reminds me of the amount of “what if”s and how they bother me so much. In all sorts of aspects of life. I like to remind myself that there’s a silver lining for every cloud. And hey what do you know, I like cloudy days anyway.

I’ve come to terms that sometimes people “get away”, friends or those who were more than friends, for a reason. Regardless of how long you may know each other, one day you two might part anyway. Sometimes, it’s change in lives’ perspectives so you slowly drift apart and there is increasingly less significance for each other’s presence in your lives.

As for some other people, I guess it’s due to the lack of understanding about each other. Then when you slowly realise how different the person is compared to your initial impression, you just kinda go like… yeah hmm I guess this association isn’t that important. And you move on to associate yourself with other people.

Sometimes we just don’t know the reason why people become the “people who got away”, and probably will never find out for our entire lifetime. But we hold on fruitlessly, hopelessly hoping that maybe it was meant to be so much more, and will eventually turn out to be so. But I guess logically it makes more sense to move on? Like if you are watching a drama, and someone’s like that, you’ll just eventually want the dude to get a grip and move on right?

Yeah that’s all. I’m not acting like someone who’s about to have her exams in a few days’ time zzz.


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