I looped this song again last night and again today. It’s strangely nice although it’s not the typical rock/punk/pop songs I’ll go for. I suppose this is an indie song… but I never liked that label. Somehow, the label exudes this – hey I’m so hipster and cool and you’re not so you’re excluded – vibe. But I kinda slipped back into 8tracks to source for new songs although 80% of the tags of the playlists include ‘indie’. -.-

Anyway, I totally knocked out after taking a 4mg chlorpheniramine tablet last night and it was sooo difficult to wake up this morning too. I guess a good rest must mean some sort of productivity too. Therefore, I shall aim to finish all of the later parts of the Ortho notes (considered systemic ortho I suppose). Started making proper notes on Google Docs too, and now I’m enamoured by the power of cloud storage. 🙂

I find myself more at ease with being myself recently. Am also a bit more receptive to new things and change. Guess I’m ready for changes to come my way, in whatever forms and aspects.


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