Marching cats

Today didn’t feel like a very good day, but I managed to perk myself up a little with this.

Time seems to be slipping away faster than I imagined. January came and went, and I feel like February is just going to be the same. How on earth have I been spending my time?

On a side note, I get quite curious whenever I see that there are visitors to this site, especially when there is more than 1. And they are all from Singapore. Yeahhh WordPress tells me everything. -smirks- I only know a few people who know about this site, and I know some of them no longer reads what I write. I can’t help but wonder how other people might chance upon this.

In other news, my hair is finally growing past my shoulder and I hope it’ll accelerate its growth soon. Welcome back long hair! Oh how I missed you. :’) The comfort of long hair lies in the bad hair days, strangely. Because when you have a bad hair day, you can easily just tie it up or use the better parts to cover the messed up parts. And the options of long hair is so varied it’s just damn awesome. Imagine buffets, the more choices the better right?

Ok I should probably continue studying for CEX tomorrow, if I ever get to do it. Oh it’s kinda of a ponnable day tomorrow so… hahha although I have to go back to the hospital, it’s freaking awesome that it’ll be a free and easy day. 🙂


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